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The Church Accountant understands that you have special payroll needs specific to your type of organization. We know the ins and outs of clergy payroll, including issues like housing allowances and FICA/SECA considerations. You can trust that all of your payroll deadlines will be met.

Clergy Financial Resources’ comprehensive bookkeeping services are designed to help you with every aspect of your church’s finances. We compile, process, and deliver timely and accurate financial information to help you develop ministry strategies. You can also gain financial and operational feedback to better understand how your church is performing. Outsourcing church accounting can be a very wise, practical decision. Not only does the church save money and your employees save time, but you also gain access to years of valuable church-specific accounting expertise.

  • This type of software is setup to be able to track the different types of contributions.
  • They will be able to help you build your financial documents from the ground up quickly and effectively.
  • Our nonprofit needed software that can manage donors, accounting, and credit card processing—Aplos has it all.
  • Offer options for your people to give through new ways, like your website and text messaging, to increase gifts and donations.
  • Learning to manage them, especially on popular platforms like Google Chrome, can significantly…

We love your transparency and determination to assist us in getting on the right track with compliance. Adding the Bookkeeping Service is moving our organization forward. Gain the power of a ministry-focused bookkeeping team at a fraction of the cost. Church service is not just about attending a place of worship; it’s about actively participating in a community that shares…

Use a Professional Church Bookkeeping Service

In order to keep your documentation and data up-to-date, you can add our Document Fetching/Data Extraction service for only $20/month. This means even less time spent on your small church bookkeeping. And since they’re fully qualified, they are a safer bet than doing the bookkeeping yourself.

Whether you are the church bookkeeper, treasurer, or human resources professional, managing the church finances can be challenging. ChurchShield has partnered with Summit Church for nearly a decade, working hand in hand with us to manage the many all about automatically categorizing transactions complexities of our organization. The individuals on their staff have taken the time to thoroughly understand our organization and have become crucial members of our team. I highly recommend their services to both churches and nonprofits.

Every month, set out your logs and carefully reconcile the transactions contained in them. Bookkeeping is something that every church—no matter the size—should practice. Allow members to update their data, contribute online or register for events by themselves. Assign people to groups for productive work and easy communication. The first onboarding appointment will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes of your time. You will
need access to a computer with internet for this appointment.


A dedicated bookkeeper at a price you can afford, reconciled accounts and financial statements you can trust. At some point, you need skilled professionals—especially when it comes to managing the books. With our Bookkeeping Service, we’ll take care of your church’s finances so you can focus on your calling. Track designated funds, such as your missions fund, building fund, or grants.


These are usually incidences where donors specify that they want the money to be used towards reconstructing the church building or building the new church baseball diamond. With a good church bookkeeping software package you can easily keep track of all of these contributions as well as their donor-specified restrictions. You’ll also have access to church bookkeeping experts and can add-on payroll, document fetching/data extraction and a quarterly or annual review. We can handle all of your church bookkeeping, from recording deposits all the way up to paying bills. Our church bookkeeping services are virtual, performed from our office, so we are able to serve you regardless of your organization’s location. For churches, making the most of every dollar is important.

Online Giving & Contribution Management

These ministry-minded team members make sure your finances reflect your church’s mission. Before you get started, learn a little about your bookkeeper. Offer options for your people to give through new ways, like your website and text messaging, to increase gifts and donations. Easily track donations, create giving statements, and apply contributions to their intended funds—all in one place.

Keep your finances accurate and transparent to show your members, supporters, and board that you are stewarding your gifts well. We would consider it a privilege to serve you with whatever administrative and compliance needs you may have. Our goal is to provide you with a professional, knowledgeable staff that makes stressful tasks routine as well as supplying a consistent resource for you on an ongoing basis. We strive to approach every task with faith and competence, all to ensure our clients always have confidence not only in the process but also in the results.

As your provider of church accounting services, we are able to record transactions, process payables, reconcile bank accounts, produce financial statements, and so much more. As a result, you are able to keep your focus where it belongs – your ministry. We are a firm of consultants and accountants for churches here to help you save money and gain efficiency, all while staying compliant with governmental regulations.

Similarly, when the church disburses its own money, a bookkeeper will make a note of the outgoing in the logbook. If you donate to a church, a bookkeeper will write down the exact amount in a logbook or ledger along with the date of the donation and your name. Church bookkeeping involves recording, organizing, and planning the financial matters of a church. Like any organization, a church needs to have its financial affairs in order. Believe it or not, working remotely can have tremendously positive effects on a person’s productivity. In fact, some 91% of virtual workers report feeling more productive when they work from home.

What a Church Bookkeeping Service Can Do

We’ll apply this knowledge and experience to your church accounting needs so you can focus on your ministry. There are also many specialized accounting software for churches that you can use if you’re planning to digitize your church’s accounting. A good bookkeeper can help generate detailed financial reports, like balance sheets and income statements, for your organization. The information contained there should give you an important insight into how your church is faring when it comes to money matters. With our service, your assigned bookkeeper knows you, your ministry, and your vision.

Aplos’ integrated suite makes critical management tasks straightforward and uncomplicated. To ensure your accounting is done accurately and efficiently our monthly services are outlined below. The greatest challenge for the church in selecting a company is finding someone who is truly qualified in church bookkeeping. Knowledge and experience are critical and ministry leaders must understand these challenges and recognize the need for industry specialists. Our team of dedicated church payroll specialists is here to assist with your payroll and HR needs.






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